• AWAKENiNG CHronicles

    The Author

    Douglas W. Green


    Douglas has always been a child of science fiction. From the first Star Trek Episode to the most recent movies, anything and everything sci-fi has consumed his attention. Writing fiction stories since he was a child in Elementary School, his mind was in the stars. What is out there? How fast can we go see it? What's beyond the next star?

    An early fan of Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov and Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Doug was inventing self-driving cars and virtual A.I. Assistants while others were marveling at the new color television sets in the late 50's.

    Doug still has a framed, hand written letter from Sir Clarke that he felt inspired to seek out after devouring the Rama series of Clarke's novels. Sir Arthur told him to let his imagination take him wherever it wanted, for there he would find his future.

  • What 'Awakening' means to the Soul


    Awakening is a story about Man. Our short time on this planet has seen the Human Race searching for its own meaning. Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Are we alone in the universe? Is this all we are?


    Humans are the only species on the planet who worry about what will happen to them after they are gone. We need to feel that we are being looked after, that our lives will matter. That there is something greater than ourselves.


    Awakening gives hope that there is something greater than us, something that has been protecting us since we lived in trees, until we launched ourselves into the blackness of space. Something that has been protecting us from our own extinction, sometimes by our own hand.


    Awakening is a story about the best and the worst that Man can be, if left to his own devices. In the end, we learn the lessons of history and take the moral path, with the help of a higher power who has our best interests at heart.


    Awakening heals the Soul of those who feel there is nothing more than the Here and Now. We will go on, we will advance. We will Awaken.


    The Awakening continues...




    The Awakening Novel is published by AWAKENING Publishing. It is available in both eBook (Kindle and PDF) and print (Hard and Soft Cover) formats. Advance orders are able to be placed at this website's STORE and will be shipped by September 21, 2017.